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Saikyo Miso originated in Kyoto - a city that has been a center of politics, economics, and culture for more than a thousand years—and has been cultivated by the elegance of royalty. Saikyo Miso has been a valuable part of the Imperial Palace’s hare (soul rejuvenation) ceremonies and has developed along with the food culture of the capital city. It is known for its generous amount of rice malt, its sweetness due to its low sodium content, and its beautiful light beige color. Our company has gained national recognition to the point that our name, Saikyo Miso, has become synonymous with white miso. (Miso with a light beige color is referred to as “white” miso in Japan.)

In 1830 (Tempo era of Edo period), Saikyo Miso was established as a Miso manufacturer of purveyor to the Imperial palace.
After the Capital of Japan was moved to Tokyo (Eastern Capital), since the Court nobles who moved to Tokyo came to be ordered our miso as “Saikyo Miso” with the meaning of representative miso of Kyoto (Western Capital), our miso came to be sold as “Saikyo Miso”.
“Saikyo Miso”, “Saikyo Shiromiso” are our original product, also our company has the trade mark as bellow;
-Registered trade mark in Japan : “Marutan (our companies Logo) Saikyo”, “Marutan Saikyo Shiromiso”
-Registered trade mark in U.S.A.: “Marutan (our companies Logo) Saikyo”, “Saikyo Shiromiso”

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