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Saikyo Shiromiso (White Miso)

This white, smooth Saikyo Miso incorporates two parts fine quality malted rice to one part soy beans. The mildly sweet, low-sodium rice malt, combined with an appealing pale yellow color, make this miso a beautiful addition to a variety of dishes.

Saikyo Akadashi (Extra Rich Red Miso)
and Saikyo Akamiso (Red Miso)

Saikyo Akadashi is a soybean miso that includes both white miso and red miso. It combines the traditional delectable taste of soybean miso (soybean-malt miso) with the highly fragrant rice miso (rice-malt miso). This miso is smooth, with low astringency and a mild taste. The mild Saikyo Sakura miso combines Saikyo white miso and soybean miso.

Saikyo Akamiso has a highly fragrant, rich flavor, which is produced by the careful fermentation of soybeans steamed with rice malt. You are sure to enjoy the balance of saltiness, sweetness, and delectableness. Try it in other dishes besides soup, such as miso-nabe,* stews, and marinades to enjoy thicker, more aromatic, and richer-tasting food. *Nabe is a Japanese dish in which vegetables and meat are boiled in a pot. Miso-nabe is a dish in which miso is added to the pot of boiled vegetables and meat to enhance their flavor.

Saikyozuke (Marinade)

Saikyozuke is the product of fresh fish and meat fillets marinated in Saikyo Miso. Using the refined sweetness and rich aroma of Saikyo white miso as a base, this specially made Saikyozuke miso brings the traditional taste of Kyoto right to your home. This savory marinade is high in enzymes, and its amino acids are excellent at penetrating through raw ingredients and enhancing their natural flavor.